ANOTHER EARTH will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack November 29th. Pre-book is November 2nd.



Re-Discover the Sundance Film Festival Favorite

On Blu-ray Combo Pack November 29  

Los Angeles, CA (September 27, 2011) – On the night a mirror Earth emerges in the sky, two lives are intertwined in a dramatic incident that will change them both forever. In his directorial debut, Mike Cahill brings this provocative indie sci-fi film to life with outstanding performances from newcomer Brit Marling (Sound of My Voice) and William Mapother (TV’s “Lost,” World Trade Center). Winner of the Special Jury Prize & Alfred P. Sloan Film Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, experience all the heartache and passion when ANOTHER EARTH comes to Blu-ray Combo Pack November 29th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. As an added bonus, consumers will receive two tracks from the band Fall On Your Sword, who provided the soundtrack to the film.

This “deeply emotional…extraordinarily profound” (USA Today) film became a must-see sensation at the Sundance Film Festival. “Beautiful, bright and fearless” (Associated Press) newcomer Brit Marling and fan favorite William Mapother (TV’s “Lost”) star as Rhoda and John, two people whose worlds collide after a tragic accident. Their intimate drama plays out against the astounding discovery of Earth 2, a parallel world that poses provocative and fascinating possibilities. Does a new Earth mean a chance at another life? Another destiny? Another self? “ANOTHER EARTH is science-fiction at its best” (The Hollywood Reporter) — with a mind-bending surprise ending that you will never forget. 

ANOTHER EARTH Blu-ray Features:

Deleted Scenes

Music Video: “The First Time I Saw Jupiter” by Fall On Your Sword

The Science Behind Another Earth

Creating Another Earth

Fox Movie Channel presents “Direct Effect with Mike Cahill,” “In Character with Brit Marling,” and “In Character with William Mapother”

ANOTHER EARTH will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack November 29th. Pre-book is November 2nd.


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