The Hatian Soccer Team of Amputees is greatful for Earthquake relief from the U.S. Army









The Hatian Soccer Team of Amputees is greatful for Earthquake relief from the U.S. Army



Soccer clinics in the fields DeWalt Reed in Bethesda and DC United
for military patients

(Washington, DC) – When a devastating 7.0 earthquake hit Port au Prince, Haiti, in January 2010, the already precarious national health system collapsed immediately. Quickly began to get aid from the United States hospital ship in the Navy of the United States, the USNS Comfort, and a large hospital on land adjacent to the airport in Port au Prince, ridden by Project Medishare for Haiti, a charitable medical organization created by doctors at the Miller School of Medicine of the University of Miami in the mid 90’s.

In subsequent months, Project Medishare worked with a group of youths who had lost their limbs during the earthquake, to create a amputees soccer team, now known as Team Zarya. The team is currently co-sponsored by Project Medishare and the Knights of Columbus, who donated one million dollars for the construction of a fully equipped dental laboratory and a program of rehabilitation in the hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port au Prince.

This week, Zarya Team traveled to Washington, DC, to acknowledge the help of the army norteamericanotras the earthquake, conducting soccer clinics with members of the U.S. armed forces at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the practice field RFK Stadium, where he plays professional football team in Washington, DC United.

The tour “Haitian Inspiration Tour” formally announced at a press conference in Port au Prince on 12 October. In addition to spending three days in Washington, also include a visit to Hartford, Connecticut, where the team will meet with Governor Dannel Malloy, a soccer clinic with students in Stamford, Connecticut, and a visit to New York. Zarya Team will demonstrate some amputees soccer professional soccer matches in Washington (DC United vs. Portland Timbers, on Wednesday October 19) and New York (New York Red Bulls vs. Philadelphia Kixx, on Thursday October 20 ).
It has created a website for the tour (, and also a Facebook page for the program Healing Haiti’s Children ( ).


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