A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas






First they took us on there never ending journey to find a White Castle in New Jersey.  Then we went to Guantanamo Bay Cuba while Harold searched for the girl of his dreams.  Let us not forget that Neal Patrick Harris never dies!





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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas – Restricted Trailer “A Must See”

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: Christmas delusions.
By Julia Miranda
In 2004, Hollywood gave us a comedy with a premise as simple as absurd (but no less effective): the story of two potheads in search of the perfect burger, and his trip to finally find her, in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle “. This simple idea was not just a blockbuster, but was the starting point for a franchise that was his second film four years later with “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” (where the characters end up prisoners at the U.S. base in Cuba for trying to bring marijuana paraphernalia aboard a plane), and returns to the big screen this November 4 with the premiere of “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D.”

This new release includes again the adventures of the duo Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn), but this time in the city of New York in the middle of Christmas rush, and neither more nor less than in 3D. The cast are added back into the actors who participated in the previous movies, Paula Garces, Daneel Harris, Eddie Kaye Thomas, David Krumholtz and Bobby Lee. Since I could not miss in the franchise, the film also features the return of the brilliant Neil Patrick Harris, whose special participation in the first issue became a classic Harold & Kumar, embodying an “extreme version” of himself, as described Harris himself to his character.

Over time, Harold and Kumar have diverged. It has been six years of his strange experience life at Guantanamo and has led their separate ways. Harold, the quieter of the two, expect to spend a quiet Christmas with his now wife, Maria (Garces) and his family, including his menacing father, Mr. Perez, a fundamentalist of Christmas played by tough veteran Danny Trejo , one of the scariest-law that any man could have. But the perfection of the parties is threatened when Kumar returns to the scene, with intent to deliver a package to Harold reunion marking the duo and the beginning of a new adventure in New York uncontrolled. Upon arrival at the home of Harold, a small incident sparked a fire that will destroy the precious Christmas Tree Mr. Perez reduced to ashes. Instead of confessing the accident, Harold try to replace it without anyone noticing, thus triggering a delirious journey in search of the perfect tree.

In a series of films that is, from comedy, crossing cultures through its characters, one Asian and one of Indian origin, now joins the Latino family of Mary, and in particular the character of Mr. Perez, rounded so the range in a film that explores, in its way and coded humorous idiosyncrasies of cultural groups, giving a glimpse of how authentic forms of American society today.
Welcome addition to the cast of Trejo, this special Christmas brings a few other surprises under his arm. On the one hand, the use of 3D to add one more element to humor. On the other hand, we see Neil Patrick Harris doing a musical number from the classic style of the ’30s spectacular choreography and ’40s, features for creating geometric shapes and patterns with the dancers. And, to top the cake, the film features a stunning sequence in stop-motion animated, inspired by a combination of Christmas specials of the ’60s and explosive action film by Michael Bay.
With production Upping the Ante for previous deliveries, those wanting to spend Christmas nontraditional (but without losing the holiday spirit) can not miss the premiere of “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D,” an ideal gift regardless of whether we can grant this year have been good or not.


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