Perfect for Halloween!!!! Review WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings. 3 STARS







WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings




The film begins in 1974, Glenville Sanatorium, a Hospital “For Inbred Victims in West Virginia“.  It is a site for a brutal and horrific crime, by three hideously deformed cannibal brothers: Three Finger, One Eye, and Saw-Tooth.  The Three brothers although deformed are remarkably intelligent and do not feel any pain and in fact they are self-mutilated earning there unique names.  The brothers eat the Eye-ball and stab a Guard to death while attempting an escape from their cell and go on a merciless spree torturing and killing the Hospital staff all taking place before the opening credits.

Now, years later, a group of college kids having the time of their life go on a Ski trip to the Mountains of West Virginia and end up making a fateful wrong turn in the middle of a snow storm.  The blood-thirsty cannibal brothers now have new prey to stalk. The abandoned medical wards within the sanatorium make for a perfect setting of BLOODSHED, and this movie does not fall short on blood! 

The College kids soon find the abandoned Hospital and use it as shelter from the storm unknowing it is the home of the three sadistic brothers.  The group of friends soon begin to party, have fun, get drunk and stoned while they wait out the storm. All while the Three brothers are watching and waiting to make there move.  Then the fun starts!  The cannibal brothers love to play with the pray.  One of the victims Daniel is tied down in a kitchen on a chopping table with Barb Wire (The Film Makers Sure Do Have An Obssesion with Barb Wire) and is cut up alive so that the brothers may season and taste Daniel before giving him the thumbs up on taste.(Very Gory) The brothers also prove to be very cunning hunters.  No matter where the college kids hide or go, the brothers are one step ahead of the game.

I actually found myself hypnotized to the movie and could not take my eyes off the screen. The movie is highly entertaining and makes for a great Halloween weekend Scary Movie.  Great effects, gore from beginning to end what more can you ask for in a horror movie!


WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings Special Features
Feature Commentary from Director Declan O’Brien  
Director’s Die-aries  
Making Another Wrong Turn  
Lifestyles of the Sick and Infamous  
Music Video Featuring The Black Out City Kids  



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