Review A very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas





A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas



The third installment of the Harold & Kumar series starts out with a bang, I am sorry did I say bang I meant bong.  I think only in a Harold & Kumar movie will you see a Santa Clause dealing and smoking marijuana out of a car trunk. The 3D effects are so well done that when the very in mature Kamur begins to smoke while watching a ¨Waffle Bot¨ commercial, you actually see the smoke floating in the Theater as if it were actually in your face with no scent and that just the opening credits.

Later we see Harold and Kumar have drifted apart over the past six years. Harold is now married to Maria (Paula Garcés) and working successfully in Wall Street avoiding egging protesters while Kumar is still a stoner. Both have replaced each other with new friends. But when a mysterious package mistakenly arrives at Kumar’s door on Christmas Eve for Harold, Kumar feels somewhat obligated to deliver the gift to Harold personally and ends with the content in the package and Harold’s father-in-law‘s (Danny Trejo) prize Christmas tree going up in smoke. With his new outrageous in-laws out of the house for the day, Harold decides to take matters in his own hands, instead of coming clean. Now a new adventure with Kumar leads them to New York City.

Harold and Kumar embark on their new odyssey with Todd (Tom Lennon-Reno 911) and his 3 year old daughter.  They are promised a new tree by Kumar’s new young friend Adrian who is on his way to a party in New York City to meet his cyber girl friend with a secret to hide.

In search of the perfect tree Kumar hatches a plan. Of course things never go as planned and they run into none other than Neal Patrick Harris or NPH who died in the previous film and explains to Harold & Kumar about his trip to heaven and meeting Jesus Christ at his own Night Club.

Later Harold & Kumar get themselves into more trouble while at the same time paying a crude homage to ¨A Christmas Story¨ before shooting Santa Claus in the face.  Yes Santa gets shot in the head.

Now what may people do not realize is that the Harold & Kumar films are pro Marijuna and anti Hard drugs.  In fact the production goes out of the way to show the audience the negative affects from hard core drugs in a comedic fashion that will have you rolling in laughter.

It is a very funny movie and yes I was sober while I watched the movie.

If you want to laugh and have a good time this weekend then A very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas is the way to go!




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