Just because a film is based on a Video Game it does not mean it will not make for a great Film! Review MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY




Note, This is for those us who tend to be open minded, have the ability of suspending disbelief and, have a sense of humor.
The best analogy I can come up with is that these highly addictive GREAT 9 Short Films are just like “Crack” I mean Highly Addictive lol !!!!!!!!!!
I remember back in the early 90’s sipping away on a Cherry/Banana Slurpee in between fights on a game called MORTAL KOMBAT one of the goriest and most violent arcade game of its time.  Almost 20 years later, now a Multi Billion Dollar Video Game Franchise with Two major Hollywood productions under its belt, has just revamped its image with a Great and Edgy Web mini-series called “MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY”.  “A MUST SEE!!!!”
“MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY” is no accident.  In fact the writer /Director Kevin Tancharoen a True Fan Boy best known for Directing the Remake of “Fame” made a short film called “Mortal Komabat: Rebirth” with great production value and a Hollywood cast including Michael Jai White, and Jeri Ryan all with the hope of getting the attention of the Studio heads so that he may be financed for a full feature film. 

Kevin Tancharoen accomplished his goal with Nine Highly addictive short films now on BLU-RAY.  Tancharoen has a great approach of mixing the Mortal Kombat Fantasy with Reality.  If you are new to the Mortal Kombat Universe the story is told in such a fashion that the Iconic Characters have a chance to develop and be understood.  Those who already know the game and characters get to see the characters in a much deeper plots of view than we are use to.  The “Raiden” episode is the most memorable episode of all. Kevin Tancharoen added his own realistic and fantastic twist to the character which makes the Mortal Kombat Universe a very realistic and with a very dark set of events. The Raiden episode is much darker and grittier than expected. The episode not only is Fantastic it is also where Tancharoen proves to be a Master at the Craft of Film making. It is quite a fantastic feat to see someone assemble a highly talented team to help his story, his vision of what is MORTAL KOMBAT is to him and the Fans. A truly loyal and creative way of showing on how a great film is made when passion is involved.
I am just happy to watch a Mini-series distract me for the Two Hours and plus with additional material that helped me better understand the Characters and back story’s that come along with them.
The Fighting scene’s are very well choreographed and executed in a realistic manner, although fantastic they are secondary to the Story Plots.

This mini-series NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN and, must be watched on BLU-RAY, I mean a must!  Special effects always look better on BLU-RAY.
Once you begin to watch the first Episode you automatically get hooked like a drug and must continue watching to the very end.  Which even then leaves you wanting more.
I have a colleague that insists that the best way to learn how to make a film is by watching the Special Features, it’s filled great knowledge and little secrets that help enhance the story trying to be. Robert this is a perfect example of your advice and what a great tool this BLU-RAY is for a Novice Film Maker who is a fan by Heart!
This particular BLU-RAY is jammed packed with great Special Features that help explain and show this Fantastic World we call Mortal Kombat: Legacy is brought to life.
Special Features:
• Mortal Kombat Legacy: Fight – A look at the role “Fatalities” and hyper-violence play in the Mortal Kombat storytelling process. Included within the piece is a detailed exploration of the fights and stunts staged during the production of the web-series.
• Mortal Kombat Legacy: Fan Made – Go inside the mind of Mortal Kombat super fan Kevin Tancharoen and uncover his passion and vision that brought Mortal Kombat: Legacy to life. 
• Mortal Kombat Legacy: Expanding The Netherrealm — Multi-chapter documentary brings the Mortal Kombat universe to life. New!
• Mortal Kombat: Mysticism – Discover the powers that define the characters. New!
• Mortal Kombat: Gear – Explore all the weapons that make Mortal Kombat fighting unique. New!


4 thoughts on “Just because a film is based on a Video Game it does not mean it will not make for a great Film! Review MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY

  1. Thank you! :). I wasn’t sure if to get it for my boyfriend who is always playing that game! Maybe now he can enjoy with out playing yay!

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  4. I didn’t even know it was being released as a Bluray, but why not? And now I feel convinced to get it. I was a little divided on some of the episodes but overall I’d love to see this expand into more Mortal Kombat on film. I recently played the game and found the Story Mode to be really good. If Tanchorean can team with Nether Realms studios and really wrap their heads around the right way to execute the upcoming film, it could be the best MK on film since… well, the first Mortal Kombat movie.

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