It is unbelievible how High Definition and Digital enhancements can improve  Classic films without having to re-do the productions ruined them by adding color and not to mention the amount of money saved.
The New 50th Anniversary Special Edition of the Classic tale of Love “WEST SIDE STORY” restored with HD Audio not MONO when origally released in 1961.
The dancing and visuals alone are stunning and make for great “eye-candy”.

The Shark’s vs The Jet’s never gets old, and yes I once knew a girl named Maria!
So please lets introduce to the new generation what musicals are all about!


The West Side Story star Rita Moreno, George Chakiris and Russ Tamblyn leave traces of their hands and feet at the renowned Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in a tribute on the morning of Tuesday 15 November. An exciting premiere red carpet full of celebrities will be held that evening with the presence of Moreno, Chakiris and Tamblyn.
WHAT: In honor of the blu-ray release of West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition, Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment will pay tribute to the sensational film when the stars Rita Moreno, George Chakiris and Russ Tamblyn are immortalized in the same place where the movie was released in 1961. That same night, the three legends and other Hollywood stars walk the red carpet just before a one-night screening of the film winner of 10 Oscars ®.

West Side Story, a classic luxury edition
By Julia Miranda
Fifty years ago, was premiered in theaters iconic film that forever changed the world of musicals on the big screen. Directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins with Robert Wise, with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein’s magnificent music, “West Side Story” was one of those movies that become instant classics. Taken ten Oscars (including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Score), the film garnered more awards than any other musical in history, including BAFTA awards, Grammys, Golden Globes and Directors Guild of America.
Based on the musical written by Arthur Laurents, “West Side Story” is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, the ultimate romantic story. Set in New York in the fifties, the film captures the forbidden love between two members of opposing gangs, the Jets, a group of working-class whites, and the Sharks, Puerto Rican immigrants. In this version of the Shakespeare classic, young Tony (Richard Beymer), the Jets, falls for Maria (Natalie Wood), sister of Bernardo (George Chakiris), leader of the Sharks. Also memorable is the participation of our Rita Moreno, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for this role, and a Golden Globe and numerous other awards.
Now, a half century of his film debut, film fans can relive again the musical passion and excitement with the launch of a special edition Blu-ray collection. “West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition” also comes loaded with extras including interviews, analysis of the choreography, trailers, storyboards and a look at the important legacy that he left the film in cinema history.
Designed for those who want to delve into this classic, this special edition will have two versions, one with two Blu-ray, DVD and a CD with music from the film, and one with a Blu-ray and DVD , that no lover of the genre may fail to have in your collection.




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