The Smurfs Review

The Smurfs



Trailer in HD


I am not going to lie by saying I wasn’t a fan of The Smurfs before the movie.  Growing up watching the Animated Series on Television, made me very curious.  In fact it was very helpful because I knew most of the characters and was introduced to a couple of new ones.
The 3D effects are Fantastic.  There is a great 3D scene involving a Dragon Wand.   You also have 3D effects until the last frame of the closing Credits, which is very cool. 

The movie opens with the Smurf Village preparing for the Blue-Moon Festival before being whisked away to a dank Castle where we meet the Smurf obsessed Wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria) and his Cat Azreal.
As always Gargamel is trying to hatch up a scheme to get him into Smurf village.  Somehow the plan goes wrong as usual and Gargamel and Azreal end up chasing some of the Smurf’s to New York City.
In New York the Smurf’s befriend a young couple Patrick and Grace Winslow expecting a new born played by Neal Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays.  New York City is unlike any village the Smurf’s have visited before.  They are awed by the huge Skyscraper’s and “Magic Window Device” otherwise known as a Lap Top.  At the same time Gargamel is roaming New York city looking for the Smurf’s and meets Patrick’s abusive boss Odile played by the ever so beautiful Sofia Vergara who on a whim wants to hire the Wizard for Fragrance Campaign, subtlety titled “Blue-Moon”.  Trapped in New York with Gargamel hot on their tail makes finding a way back home a challenge for the Smurfs but not impossible.

The film makers do an excellent job at paying homage to Peyo, the creator of the Smurf’s.  I would like to point out that the voice casting is also great, George Lopez is hilarious as Grouchy Smurf.  Alan Cumming,  Katy Perry,  Jonathan Winters, Fred Armisen and Anton Yelchin do a  pretty good job at bringing some of the other Smurf’s to life. 
If you were not a fan of the Smurf’s before you will be now!

The Blu-Ray is jam packed with Special Features:

                3D & 2D Versions of The Smurfs™
The Smurfs™ Fantastic Adventure Game – Help Clumsy race through the village and Central Park to stop Gargamel and his evil plans!

Great Game it has a Clay-mation look to it

Deleted Scenes & Extended Scenes
They are fun to look at, some of the deleted scenes use hand drawings to substitute the Smurfs.

It could have been a bit longer

Happy Music Montage
The La-La-La Theme

2 Commentaries

3 Featurettes
o “The Smurfs™: Comic Book to the Big Screen”
o “Smurf™ Speak: Meet the Cast”
o “Going Gargamel”
Progression Reels
The featurettes and Progression are just as entertaining as the movie and very educational too!


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