Relativity’s Act of Valor Gets Seal of Approval From Best-Selling Author Tom Clancy and will be in theatres February 24, 2012


Relativity’s Act of Valor Gets Seal of Approval From
Best-Selling Author Tom Clancy

Studio Partners with Clancy on Groundbreaking
Navy SEAL Action-Thriller


(Beverly Hills, Calif.) January 5, 2011– Relativity Media is proud to announce it has partnered with highly-celebrated, best-selling author Tom Clancy on its heart-pounding Navy SEAL action-thriller Act of Valor and an accompanying novelization of the film’s screenplay. This marks Clancy’s first time to present a novelization of a feature film not based on his own original work.

The film’s novelization, “Tom Clancy Presents Act of Valor” written by Dick Couch and George Galdorsi, based on the screenplay by Kurt Johnstad, will be released in paperback by Clancy’s long-time publisher, Berkley Books and Brilliance Audio will make the audio version available  on January 10, 2012.

In theatres February 24, 2012, the Bandito Brothers’ film Act of Valor stars a group of active-duty Navy SEALs—not actors—along with Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle and Nestor Serrano in a powerful story of contemporary global anti-terrorism. “These men are American heroes,” said Clancy, “and when I heard about this project, I wanted to get involved and use all the resources available to me to make it a success.”

Clancy’s name has become a globally recognizable brand for not only his own military–thriller novels, but for non-fiction books, movies and video games.  The prolific writer has written 26 books in 20 years, each a best-seller, and is one of only a few authors ever to have sold two million copies on a first printing, along with John Grisham and J.K. Rowling. Some of his most notable works include but are not limited to “The Hunt For Red October” (1985), “Patriot Games” (1987), “Clear and Present Danger” (1989) and “The Sum of All Fears” (1999). Most recently, Clancy released two novels in 2011 “Against All Enemies” and “Locked On”. Motion pictures based on his novels have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, and his exclusive video game partnership with Ubisoft has thus far resulted in nearly sixty million game sales in dozens of countries. Clancy received the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement from the Navy League of the United States in 1990.

Clancy’s passion for Naval history, coupled with his blending of realism, intricate plotting, suspenseful action, and authenticity in story-telling, makes him a natural fit to get behind Act of Valor. An excerpt of Clancy’s foreword for the “Act of Valor” novelization is below: 

The events in this book and movie may not always be easy to read about or watch, but it is important for us to get a glimpse into the lives of these courageous Americans, and a deeper appreciation for sacrifices they make for us.
We have an obligation to honor the SEALs and their families—not just in the event that we are fortunate enough to meet any of them one day, but by living our lives to the fullest, enjoying and preserving the liberties afforded to us because of their work.

Director:Mike “Mouse” McCoy, Scott WaughCast:Active Duty Navy SEALs, Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle, Nestor SerranoProducer(s):Mike “Mouse” McCoy, Scott WaughExecutive Producer(s):Jason Clark, Max Leitman, Michael Mailis, Jay Pollak, Lance Sloane, Benjamin Statler, Thomas TullWriter:Kurt JohnstadRelease Date:02.24.2012Genre:ThrillerSynopsis:An unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, Act of Valor stars a group of active-duty Navy SEALs in a powerful story of contemporary global anti-terrorism. Inspired by true events, the film combines stunning combat sequences, up-to-the minute battlefield technology and heart-pumping emotion for the ultimate action adventure.

Act of Valor takes audiences deep into the secretive world of the most elite, highly trained group of warriors in the modern world. When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop a coordinated attack that could kill and wound thousands of American civilians, they must balance their commitment to country, team and their families back home.

Each time they accomplish their mission, a new piece of intelligence reveals another shocking twist to the deadly terror plot, which stretches from Chechnya to the Philippines and from Ukraine to Somalia. The widening operation sends the SEALs across the globe as they track the terrorist ring to the U.S.-Mexico border, where they engage in an epic firefight with an outcome that has potentially unimaginable consequences for the future of America.

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