Teresa on DVD


Available to buy on DVD on January 17

Universal City, California January 9 – If you want to revive the hit “Teresa”, do not miss your chance to get the DVD goes on sale on January 17, 2012. This telenovela starring Aaron Diaz, Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli, is a remake of the original telenovela, which bore the same name in 1959 starring Maricruz Olivier and then starred in 1989 by Salma Hayek. “Teresa” Teresa tells the story of Chavez, a beautiful young woman who uses her beauty to manipulate men, in order to achieve what has so longed for, out of poverty, be rich and successful.

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The story of “Teresa”
Teresa Chavez (Angelique Boyer) is a beautiful and ambitious young man who does not accept living in a poor neighborhood. For good grades, Teresa has studied with a scholarship to a prestigious school in which she pretends to be of high society. In the same school knows her best friend Aurora (Ana Brenda) and Paulo (Alejandro Nones), who only used for the purpose of marrying out of poverty. In the neighborhood where she comes, she lives (Aaron Diaz), a young handsome, humble, intelligent and with sacrifices which becomes a doctor. Mariano is madly in love with Teresa, and Teresa is he who truly loves and believes his one true love. However, both his desire to be rich who sacrifices her love for him, but at the same time is selfish, and does not accept the idea that he loves to another that is not her, manipulates and plays constantly with his feelings. After the prom in high school, Paulo follows and discovers that Teresa is poor and offers instead of marriage, to be her lover. Teresa Furious refuse, so Paulo with Aida (Margarita Magaña) the publicly humiliated in front of her classmates and she swears revenge on them. Teresa sees an opportunity when Arturo de la Barrera (Sebastián Rulli) offers to pay his legal studies at a prestigious university, that’s when Teresa begins her seduction plan to conquer the renowned lawyer and get everything they wished, revenge, wealth and prestige.

    The DVD of “Teresa” is available on DVD from January 17, 2012 in all stores in its original language, Spanish, with English subtitles at a cost of $ 19.97.

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