REAL STEEL, Packs a Punch!! REVIEW





Real Steel is an Extraordinary and Beautiful Story with GREAT ACTION AND SPECIAL EFFECTS which are visually stunning and help enhance the story. 

This great film very much reminded me of The Champ with Jon Voight and Rick Schroder minus the sci-fi.

 The film takes place in the year 2020, where Boxing has become obsolete or should clarify and mention that Human boxing have become boring to the masses as did the Gladiator’s during the Roman Empire (Not Enough Blood-shed).  Boxers have been replaced by high-tech 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots which can give a beating as well as receiving one, giving the audience the carnage they want to see.
Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, once a Top Contender in the Boxing world is now a Robot promoter just trying to survive.   Just when things could not get worse for Charlie, he receives word that his ex-girlfriend has passed away and Charlie must now take custody of their son Max (Dakota Goyo).  Let’s just say that Charlie is not a model father and Max is very aware of this which makes the story less predictable and more entertaining.  Max also proves to be a much better promoter than his Father Charlie.
Max enters Charlie’s life just in time to learn the boxing trait.  First the father and son duo must find a new Robot so that they may build and train a Top Contender.  This does not prove an easy feat however slowly but surely the two begin to bond as Max learns about Charlie’s Boxing career and feels a sense of pride over his father’s accomplishment as a pugilist.

Max finds what is considered a Second Generation Robot and is convince that the Robot will take them to the top.  Charlie on the other hand does not share the same vision as Max.  After much persuasion on Max’s behalf and a brutal Trial and Error Charlie decides to train Max’s Robot cleverly named Atom.  Max and Atom also seem to bond which moves Charlie and helps him want to be a better Father.

It is very interesting watching a man train a Robot for boxing and fighting combinations.  After the training ATOM, Max and Charlie prove to be a great Manager (Max)/ Trainer (Charlie) team which propels Max to a journey of a lifetime earning their way up the Ranks of the Boxing world with the hopes of landing a title shot with the World Boxing Champion Zeus a Robot which evolves and strategizes every second it is in the ring making it a very worthy opponent.
I was lucky to have the privilege of watching the movie with my son considering what a great Father Son movie Real Steel is.  If that is not enough the Special Effects of the film are Fantastic.  The Fight Choreography is also great.  The fight scenes between the Robots are very realistic looking.  The fluid moves, the dancing around the ring and the well executed combinations made it all that much better!

The film is so beatiful that I just I had shed a tear or two, very moving!


 Hugh Jackman
…  Charlie Kenton

 Evangeline Lilly
…  Bailey Tallet

 Anthony Mackie
…  Finn

 Kevin Durand
…  Ricky

 Hope Davis
…  Aunt Debra

 James Rebhorn
…  Marvin

 Marco Ruggeri
…  Cliff

 Karl Yune
…  Tak Mashido

 Olga Fonda
…  Farra Lemkova

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