The Best way to describe this film would be to say the story is a cross of “Jaws”, “Lake Placid” & “No Vacancy”.

A group of College Friends (Sara, Nick, Beth, Malik, Maya, Blake and Gordon) decide to go deep in the Bayou of Louisiana to a beautiful Vacation home off the shore of a Salt Water Lake.  In fact the Home is so far in to the Bayou that the group must travel there by boat.

As Gordon and Beth are tanning by the pool the rest of the group of are having fun Water Skiing when you catch a glimpse of a Shark fin swimming up the Lake very fast.  Malik who is on the Water Skis is the only person at this time that sees the Shark racing up before he’s attacked.  Oblivious to the Predator the group scramble around before they can peace together that there is a Shark in the Lake.

Deep in the Bayou with no Mobile Phone coverage and no cars, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they are in danger.  After Malik awakes delirious from his attack he decides that he will take on the Shark by himself, did I mention he lost an arm during his the attack?  Malik goes head to head with a Hammer Head Shark in a tough battle leading to a more wounded but victorious Malik.  At this point Nick informs everyone that the Shark in the first attack was not a Hammer Head confirming that there is more than one Shark in the Lake.

It is later explained how Sharks may have gotten in the Salt Water Lake but by that time it’s too late.  The production team does a pretty good job at showing different types of Sharks and the individual damage each Species can do to a human. 

The Special Effects are Greeaattt!!!!!  I mean they did a great job with the Animatronics and the CGI. The production team was able to create all sorts of Sharks and carnage.  There are Jumping Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Great Whites and a species that I learned existed while watching the film called Cookie Cutter Sharks.

If You love “Shark Week” and watch it every summer then you will love “Shark Night”.



This is a montage of the kill scenes for those of you just love the carnage.


This feature is very cool because you get learn.  Yes learn this section has very interesting facts on the underwater predator.  Fun facts like, 90% of Shark Attacks are on men, and they can swim close to 70MPH and so on.  You have to watch the special features to learn these fun facts. 🙂


This is a small documentary on the making of the film.


I believe the title speaks for itself.


This is a tutorial on how to download your digital copy of the film.


Trailer for upcoming films.

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