A different kind of Hero: CHRONICLE The Review





This is not your average Super Hero Movie.  In fact it is a very creative and different twist on the genre.   The entire movie is seen through the lenses of many video cameras.  The Director Josh Trank is very creative in using many different types of cameras and unusual camera angles.  Beginning from a hand held camera cutting to Security footage and cutting back to another hand held camera.  The best analogy I can come up with would be that the movie has a “First Person View” just like that of a video game. These techniques make the audience feel like they are in the movie and along for the ride.

 One slogan for the film is: “What are you capable of?”  The question should be “What are you not capable?” because these kids do not hold back when using their abilities.  With a young talented cast of unknown’s it made the movie a little more fun and exciting.  On a Friday night party three high school friends Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan), Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) and Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) began to investigate a strange glowing object of an unknown source which leads to them  gaining Telekinesis.  All three have the same abilities however at different levels.

Matt, Andrew and Steve realize the potential of their gifts and begin to test, and document themselves as if they were performing a science project, hence the title Chronicle.  The students prove to be very smart, not only do they understand their powers they also begin to find new and creative uses for them as the powers evolve.  Forget about bending spoons and forks they are able to fly, move heavy objects and stop bullet at Will.

Although the movie manages to have great visual effects there was also room for character development which helped tell the story.  First you have Andrew who has very low self esteem, Matt who is smart and to cool for his own good and then there is Steve who is very energetic and spontaneous and running for Class President.  The three soon become closer and closer as their powers begin to evolve.  However personalities begin clash and change which leads all three to take different paths.  The question is what will become of them?

Don’t go see the movie because it is a Super Hero movie.  Watch because it is a great Fantasy story with great acting and fantastic visual and special effects.  Call it a break from Marvel Comics and DC Comics Super Hero movies and see how creative people can be when given the opportunity.  It is a fun movie for the entire family.


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