South East Asia is the New Hong Kong in Martial Arts- The Raid: Redemption Review

By:Michael Alvarez


The Raid: Redemption Trailer 


An Indonesian Special Teams Unit must infiltrate and capture Tama Riyadi a ruthless drug lord who runs a Building complex in the slums of Jakarta ( a la Nino Brown style New Jack City).  Where the majority of the tenants are drug dealers, rapist and any other type of criminal you might think of who must earn the privilege to get an apartment will do what ever it takes to hinder the Police from completing their task . Tama Riyadi (The Villain) has camera and intercom/RTS Radios to communicate when officers have been taken out and report if the floors is cleared.  Tama also has two Right Hand men Andi the Brains of the Operation and Mad Dog a sadistic and brutal killer.

The Film boast the Indonesian Martial Art of Pencak Silat which is beautiful to watch when well choreographed.

Anywayz! as I was saying the Special Teams Unit is clearly out matched and out numbered making it nearly impossible to achieve the task at hand or so we think.  What the villains and the audience are not expecting is a BAD-ASS Cop called Rama played by an unknown actor Iko Uwais who basically takes on the whole gang.  The fighting scenes in this film are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! they very creative and spectacular since we as an audience are not used to the fight style on Screen.  The fight sequences and Stunts are jaw dropping.

Rama is no joke!  Not only can he fight, Rama also proves to be very clever, resourceful and unpredictable making it very hard for the villains to stop him.  I am not going to lie by denying that Rama has a Spectacular Fight/Climax Scene only due the film having a great scrip and acting.  It is just a very creative and nail-biting Cat and Mouse game that you will not want to miss.  As the story begins to unfold The Special teams Unit soon realize they are on their own and must find a way out ALIVE no matter what it takes.

A great fact about the film is that it was Written and Directed Welch man named Gareth Evan who is obviously a fan of the genre and  watched his fair share or martial art films.  Mr. Evans also proved you do not have to be Asian to make a great Martial Arts Film!

Did I mention the fight scenes were awesome?!  The fight scenes are raw, brutal and a very realistic look to them.  I have not been this exited over a Martial Arts Film in a long time!  It is like watching a Bruce Lee Film for the first time.  Your adrenalin is pumping as the action is going on.   Tony Jaa and Donnie Yeun look out because you finally have great competition in  Asia, he goes by name of IKO UWAIS

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