Underworld Awekening Special Features review

I would like to please begin my Review with the Special Features.  The Content of the Special Features is what makes a Blu-Ray unique.  A DVD does not have the capacity to hold the information a Blu-Ray is able to.   Another fun fact about Blu-Ray is that they are Scratch Resistant, cool uh?
  1. Filmmaker Commentary : It is always cool to watch a film and have the Director, Producer, or Star commenting on scenes as they go by and explaining the shot on why or why  it wouldn’t work.
  1. Featurettes:
A)     “Selene Rises” – Documentary on the return of “Selene” and the essence Kate Beckinsale brought back to the role.
B)      Casting The Future of Underworld” – Documentary on the Casting of the Film and hints of Future Underworld Films.
C)      “Resuming The Action” – Documentary on Action Sequences and Stunts. Stunt Director’s makes cool comments on Kate Beckinsale performing most of her stunts.
D)     “Building a Better Lycan” – Documentary on Make-up and Special Effects.  Very cool! I always wondered how the Lycan’s were made and featurette showed many cool details.  Including CGI, Make-up and Animal Suit with Animatronics.  
E)      “Awakening a Franchise” – Documentary on 3D effects.  Educational in a cool way!  We learn that a new 3D “Red Epix” Camera was used for the 3D effects which records 120 Frames per Second.  A normal camera records 30 Frames per Second.
  1. Previsulization Sequences:
These are Computer Animated sequences created early in the Production process to help visualize the Key Action 3D scenes.
A)   Alternate Opening Sequence
B)   Car Chase in 3D
C)   Coven Fight in 3D
D)   Antigen Attack Part 1
E)    Antigen Attack Part 2
F)    Antigen Attack Part 3
  1. Blooper Reel – For those who love to see actors fumble lines. J
  1. “Heavy Prey” – Music Video by Lacey Strum featuring Geno Lenardo.
  1. Previews – Previews of upcoming Films.

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