For Greater Glory Review

For Greater Glory









By: Michael Alvarez


“For Greater Glory” is fantastic film based on the true story of the Cristero War, a rebellion which took place in the late 1920’S when the Mexican Government began to persecute the Catholic Church in fear of foreign invasion.  Although religious in theme I would please like to point out the film has an R rating for graphic violence.   It is horrific how people suffer for the faith in GOD.   Dean Wright who directed does an excellent job in telling the story from the point of view of a native Mexican and sending a clear message, “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”.  We can all relate and understand “Freedom of Choice” given our choice to live in the United States, no pun intended.  Another fact about the film I love is that the main character is never seen but spoken of during the whole film, the character being GOD.


General Enrique Gorostieta played by Andy Garcia led the rebellion against the Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles (Ruben Blades) who introduced the very controversial and Anti-Catholic “Calles Law” forcing strong restrictions on Clergy Men and Church/ Religious gatherings fearing it might make it easier for a European Nation to invade Mexico given it takes place during the height of Communism in Eastern Europe.   Also please keep in mind that Mexico is the Country with the most Catholics in the world in fact Mexico City alone houses more Catholics than Vatican City in Rome.  So you can see how the “Calles Law” brought civil unrest and unnecessary bloodshed to Mexico leading to “The Cristiada” (Cristero War) which spanned from 1926 to 1929.


There are also four actor’s whose work stand out and are worthy of Award Nominations.  First there is Andy Garcia’s portrayal of General Enrique Gorostieta which is very charismatic and motivating.  Second we have Ruben Blades as the antagonist of the film President Plutarco Elias Calles who is blinded with the obsession of removing the Catholic Church from Mexico.  Third we have Chilean born actor Santiago Cabrerra who plays a very, very passionate Father Vega a priest who is the first general to lead the rebellion against the Mexican Government before General Gorostieta entered the cause.  Father Vega believes the ends justify the means in the Cristiada.  Lastly we are introduced to a very talented young actor named Mauricio Kuri who plays José Luis Sánchez del Rio.  José is a wonderful character in which we grow to love due to Mauricio Kuri’s fantastic ability to embody and channel the soul of the Cristiada movement through José Luis Sánchez del Rio.



“For Greater Glory” is a very entertaining and hypnotizing.  It draws you in from the very beginning it has wonderful acting which stems from a rich and great script by Michael Love. The film is also magnificently shot illustrating Mexico’s Beautiful Picturesque Landscape’s and War scenes precisely choreographed for camera showcasing Director Dean Wright’s previous background in Visual Effects. 


You do not have to be Catholic nor Christian to enjoy and appreciate the film.


“For Greater Glory” is a film that can be enjoyed by all and a MUST WATCH!


I highly recommend the film!!!!!!!!



Cast includes:


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