FRONTERA: A Story of Perseverance, Love and Hope.

Magnolia Pictures brings us “FRONTERA” the story of Miguel (Michael Peña) a man wrongfully accused of murdering the wife of a former sheriff (Ed Harris).  Miguel is instantly branded a murderer after illegally crossing the border from Mexico to Arizona in search of an opportunity to provide a better life for his family.  If being in jail for murder isn’t enough?  Miguel’s pregnant wife Paulina (Eva Longoria)  is now being held for ransom by the same “Coyotes” who illegally smuggled her into the United States.   Ex Lawman Roy (Ed Harris) is not quite convinced of Miguel’s guilt and decides to investigate his wife’s murder.  Given that Roy is suppose to be retired its only natural that he will upset a few folks along the way.


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“FRONTERA” which is the Spanish word for BORDER could not come at a better time.  It’s like every time you turn on the News no matter what Network or Show, whether the broadcast is in English or Spanish there is always News from the US/Mexico border.  News reports  about the large number of unsupervised children crossing the border illegally.  Then we have President Barack Obama addressing the nation over the concerns of the Immigration system in the U.S. and its border with Mexico.  The President stated he will now bypass Congress and try to fix the Immigration system on his own, Good Luck with that buddy!!!  All fixing set aside Director Michael Berry who co-wrote the film with Luis Moulinet are not out to change the Immigration system.  Instead they took a different approach.  Not wanting to make the film bias, Berry and Moulinet wrote a script covering many issues related to immigration.  I am assuming that through the Miguel character and his family the filmmakers chose to take the time and show us the audience the circumstances and situations that lead a person to make the desperate choice of leaving their family and home behind to cross hundreds of miles of Barren Desert in search of the “American Dream”.  All while avoiding getting caught.   On the other hand while Roy is conducting his personal investigation I am sure we will also see those affected by illegal  immigrants, from the Landowners with property that border with Mexico to the people who lose work due to the cheap labor and those who have financial gain because of the cheap labor.

Considering Director Michael Berry’s background in Theater I look forward to a great performance from the wonderful cast.  Another fun fact, this is both Michael Peña and Eva Longoria’s first Spanish speaking roles which should be nice to hear.  The panoramic views of the South West also look like great eye candy for those of us who enjoy cinematography.  “FRONTERA” will be in Theaters September 5th however if you are like me and love to watch movies early then you will be able to get in ON DEMAND or iTUNES July 31st.




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