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When long-term Congressman Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of unscrupulous power brokers plots to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district. Their man: naïve Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis), director of the local Tourism Center.  At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors’ support and a cutthroat campaign manager, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about.



As Election Day closes in, the two are locked in a dead heat, with insults quicklyescalating to injury until all they care about is burying each other. It’s a mud-slinging, backstabbing, home-wrecking comedy from “Meet the Parents” director Jay Roach that takes today’s political circus to its logical next level. Because, even if you believe campaign ethicshave hit rock bottom…there’s still room to dig a whole lot deeper.



“The Campaign” also stars Jason Sudeikis as Cam Brady’s loyal but increasingly overwhelmed campaign manager, Mitch; and Katherine LaNasa as Cam’s single-minded wife, Rose. Dylan McDermott stars as Tim Wattley, tasked with transforming Marty Huggins’s public image; with John Lithgow and Dan Aykroyd as the powerful Motch brothers, the money behind his implausible bid for Congress; and Brian Cox as Marty’s father, retired political operator Raymond Huggins, who cannot fathom what any of them see in his son.



Directed by Jay Roach (Emmy Award winner for HBO’s “Recount” and Emmynominee for HBO’s “Game Change”) and written by Chris Henchy & Shawn Harwell, from astory by Adam McKay & Chris Henchy & Shawn Harwell, “The Campaign” was produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jay Roach and Zach Galifianakis. Amy Sayres, Jon Poll and Chris Henchy served as executive producers.



 The creative filmmaking team includes director of photography Jim Denault (EmmyAward nominee for HBO’s “Carnivàle” and “Game Change”); two-time Oscar®-nominated production designer Michael Corenblith (“How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Apollo 13”); editors Craig Alpert (“Knocked Up,” “Borat”) and Jon Poll (“Meet the Fockers”); and costume designer Daniel Orlandi (“The Blind Side,” Emmy winner for “The Magic of David Copperfield XI: The Explosive Encounter”). The music is by Theodore Shapiro (“Marley & Me,” Emmy Award nominee for HBO’s “Game Change”).




Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Gary Sanchez/Everyman Pictures Production, a Jay Roach Film, “The Campaign.” It will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


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This film has been rated R for crude sexual content, language and brief nudity.


The winners of The Dark Knight Rises Prize Pack Giveaway

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Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act.


But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drive Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. But even if he dons the cape and cowl again, Batman may be no match for Bane.


Leading an all-star international cast, Oscar

® winner Christian Bale (“The Fighter”) again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. “The Dark Knight Rises” also stars Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle; Tom Hardy, as Bane; Oscar® winner Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”), as Miranda Tate; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as John Blake.

Returning to the main cast, Oscar

® winner Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”) plays Alfred; Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon; and Oscar® winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”) reprises the role of Lucius Fox.

The screenplay is written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer. The film is produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven, who previously teamed on “Batman Begins” and the record-breaking blockbuster “The Dark Knight.” The executive producers are


Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy and Thomas Tull, with Jordan Goldberg serving as co-producer. The film is based upon characters created by Bob Kane and published by DC Comics.

Behind the scenes, “The Dark Knight Rises” reunites the director with several of his longtime collaborators, all of whom worked together on “The Dark Knight.” The creative team includes director of photography Wally Pfister, who won an Oscar

® for his work on Nolan’s “Inception”; production designers Nathan Crowley and Kevin Kavanaugh; editor Lee Smith; and Oscar®-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (“Topsy-Turvy”). In addition, Paul Franklin and Chris Corbould, who both won Oscars® for the effects in “Inception,” supervised the visual and special effects, respectively. The music is composed by Oscar® winner Hans Zimmer (“The Lion King”).

In helming the film, Christopher Nolan utilized IMAX

® cameras even more extensively than he did on “The Dark Knight,” which had marked the first time ever that a major feature film was even partially shot with the large-format cameras.

“The Dark Knight Rises” will be presented on 70-millimeter film in 102 IMAX 15/70mm locations worldwide. Christopher Nolan stated, “Having shot almost half the picture with large-format IMAX film cameras, it is very important to me that we show ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in the IMAX film format wherever possible. Audiences everywhere should be assured that every presentation of the film will be of the highest standard—having benefited from the clarity and depth IMAX cameras offer. However, these 102 screens will showcase the original IMAX film photography in its optimum form, and I hope anyone who has an opportunity to experience the film in these theatres will seek it out.”

Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Legendary Pictures, a Syncopy Production, a Film by Christopher Nolan, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Opening in theatres and IMAX, the film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

This film has been rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language.


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The Winners of the MAGIC MIKE / Thematic Prize Pack Giveaway

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Mike (Channing Tatum) is an entrepreneur. A man of many talents and loads of charm,he spends his days pursuing the American Dream from as many angles as he can handle: fromroofing houses and detailing cars to designing furniture from his Tampa beach condo.

But at night… he’s just magic.

The hot headliner in an all-male revue, Magic Mike has been rocking the stage at ClubXquisite for years with his original style and over-the-top dance moves. The more the ladieslove him, the more they spend, and the happier that makes club owner Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).

Seeing potential in a guy he calls the Kid (Alex Pettyfer), Mike takes the 19-year-old under his wing and schools him in the fine arts of dancing, partying, picking up women and making easy money. It’s not long before the club’s newest act has fans of his own, as the summer opens up to a world of fun, friendship and good times.

Meanwhile, Mike meets the Kid’s captivating sister, Brooke (Cody Horn). She’s definitely someone he’d like to know a lot better, and it looks like he has a chance…until his lifestyle gets in the way.

“Magic Mike” stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Cody Horn, Olivia Munn, Matt Bomer, Riley Keough, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez and Gabriel Iglesias.

Directed by Oscar ® winner Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”) and written by Reid Carolin,

“Magic Mike” is produced by Nick Wechsler, Gregory Jacobs, Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin. The creative filmmaking team includes production designer Howard Cummings, costume designer Christopher Peterson, music supervisor Frankie Pine and choreographer Alison Faulk.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Nick Wechsler/Gregory Jacobs production of an Iron Horse/Extension 765 Enterprise, “Magic Mike,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

 This film is rated R by the MPAA for pervasive sexual content, brief graphic nudity, language and some drug use.






Los Ganadores de Magic Mike / paquete de premios Concurso Temático

Los Ganadores de Magic Mike / paquete de premios Concurso Temático son:



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Mike (Channing Tatum) es un empresario. Un hombre de muchos talentos y un montón de encanto, que pasa sus días persiguiendo el sueño americano desde tantos ángulos como él puede manejar: casas y coches fromroofing detallan para el diseño de los muebles de su condominio en la playa de Tampa.

Pero por la noche … él es sólo magia.

El cabeza de cartel en caliente en una revista sólo para hombres, Magic Mike ha estado meciendo la etapa en la ClubXquisite durante años con su estilo original y over-the-top movimientos de baile. Cuanto más le ladieslove, más se gasta, y el más feliz que hace que el dueño del club de Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).

Al ver el potencial de un chico que él llama el chico (Alex Pettyfer), Mike toma el jugador de 19 años de edad bajo su ala y le escuelas en las bellas artes de la danza, fiestas, recoger a las mujeres y hacer dinero fácil. No es mucho antes de que último acto del club tiene los fans de su propia, ya que el verano se abre a un mundo de diversión, la amistad y los buenos tiempos.

Mientras tanto, Mike se encuentra la hermana cautiva del chico, Brooke (Cody Horn). Ella es definitivamente alguien a quien le gustaría conocer mucho mejor, y parece que él tiene una oportunidad … hasta que su estilo de vida se interpone en el camino.

“Magic Mike” es protagonizada por Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Cody Horn, Olivia Munn, Matt Bomer, Riley Keough, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodríguez y Gabriel Iglesias.

, Dirigida por el ganador del Oscar ®, Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”) y escrita por Reid Carolin

“Magic Mike” es producida por Nick Wechsler, Gregorio Jacobs, Channing Tatum y Carolin Reid. El equipo de realización creativa incluye el diseñador de producción Howard Cummings, el diseñador de vestuario Christopher Peterson, supervisor musical de Frankie Pine y coreógrafa Alison Faulk.

Warner Bros. Pictures presenta una Nick Wechsler / Gregory Jacobs, la producción de Iron Horse / Extensión de 765 empresas, “Magic Mike”, distribuida por Warner Bros. Pictures, una compañía Warner Bros. Entertainment.

 Esta película está clasificada R por la MPAA por el contenido sexual generalizada, breve desnudez, lenguaje y uso de drogas.

Warner Bros. Cine – Latino Facebook



Contest Sponsored By Lionsgate® And AMC Theatres® Culminates In A Free Hometown Screening Of Critically Acclaimed Film WARRIOR


Santa Monica, CA, September 13, 2011–  “We Are All Warriors,” a national grassroots and online initiative to identify the everyday heroes and real life warriors among us that was inspired by the release of the powerful film WARRIOR has culminated in winner Matt Long being chosen to host a free hometown premiere of the film at his local AMC Theatre.  The screening will take place Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Matt Long is a celebrated New York City firefighter, a 9/11 survivor, a champion athlete, and an author. His powerful contest submission, which was randomly chosen from those received in the contest, can be viewed here.  Long’s book “The Long Run,” was published by Rodale and is now out in paperback.

During the past six weeks, Warriors throughout the country flocked to to nominate their local heroes and answer the question, “What do you fight for?” The project and contest were promoted by several high profile editorial partners, including MMA Weekly, Impact Wrestling, LIVESTRONG, JustJared, BeliefNet, and The Huffington Post.  More than 500 submissions were ultimately garnered, making “We Are All Warriors” one of Lionsgate’s most successful user generated contests to date.

“We are thrilled and honored that Matt Long is the winning everyday warrior,” said Lionsgate’s Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen.  “He truly has a fighting spirit, and is the living embodiment of everything this powerful film is about– resolve, strength of character, athleticism, and courage.  Audiences and critics alike have loved this film, but I think it will make an even more special impact on Matt and his family & friends, because it speaks so directly to his warrior spirit.”

Notable submission partners who were nominated or encouraged their members to nominate their heroes included:

  • TapOut
  • AMC Theatres
  • Invisible People
  • Boys & Girls Club Of America
  • The United Way
  • The Case Foundation
  • The Mankind Project
  • Child S.H.A.R.E.
  • Mobility Works,
  • Warriors for Christ

Among the celebrity Warrior stories submitted were those of Lance Armstrong, Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, football player and U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, NCAA champion wrestler Anthony Robles, and MMA fighters including Tito Ortiz, Rad Martinez, Eric Apple, and Rich Franklin.

About Matt Long

Matt Long has been a competitive athlete his entire life. As a member of his high school basketball team, he was required to run in the Brooklyn/Queens X-country Championships. With no prior running experience, he finished fifth for his school, completing the race in uncomfortable high top sneakers. At Iona College, he competed in their Division I basketball program for which a high level of fitness was mandatory.

Strength and endurance became especially paramount in his life after college when he became a New York City Firefighter. It was around this time he took up distance running and began competing in Ironman triathlons, finishing his first Ironman race in 2005. He then set his sights on qualifying for the Boston marathon by running the ING NYC marathon later that year. With hard work, dedication and persistence, he trimmed 30 minutes off his personal best to run a 3:13, qualifying for the 2006 Boston event.

On the morning of Dec. 22, 2005, Matt Long’s life changed in an instant. He was cycling to work in the early morning when he was struck and run over by a 20-ton bus making an illegal turn. The injuries he sustained pushed him to the brink of death. He received 68 units of blood in the first 40 hours after the accident and spent five months in the hospital. More than 40 operations later, he finally began a grueling rehabilitation regime. Matt found the psychological consequences of the accident nearly as hard to process as the physical severities. His doctor had told him he’d be lucky to ever walk again without a cane.

Matt fought through months of fear, despair, loneliness, and intense physical and psychological pain to regain the life he once had. His recovery was a miraculous one which included everything from learning to walk again and, a mere three years later, running in the 2008 New York City Marathon. “Running saved my life,” Matt says, and his determination and perseverance has turned him into a symbol of hope and recovery for countless others.

Matt’s story was covered in a wildly popular article in the March 2009 edition of Runner’s World magazine. Matt has since chronicled his life and journey both before and after the accident in his book The Long Run, released in October 2010. Matt has also started the I WILL Foundation which provides coaching, training and financial support to help people overcome adversity and challenges caused by illness or traumatic injury.

He currently resides in New York City.


About “We Are All Warriors”

“We Are All Warriors” was an opportunity for people all over the country to join together to share their stories and answer the central question of WARRIOR: “What Do You Fight For?” From our teachers and coaches to our athletes and veterans, we all fight for something – we are all warriors.  At, project participants answered the question in their own words, nominated other everyday warriors, voted for their favorite warriors, and rallied friends and family to share their contender via Facebook and Twitter.

We Are All Warriors” was promoted through media, corporate and non-profit partnerships on both national and local levels.  With word first spreading through a series of ESPN-sponsored screenings of the inspiring film, the program culminated in a national promotion with AMC Theatres centered around a sweepstakes where one everyday warrior would receive a free hometown premiere of the film at the nearest AMC theatre.

The website featured video diaries from both everyday warriors and celebrity guests including prominent bloggers, parents, coaches, troops, actors athletes, and pastors, answering the film’s central question ‘What Do You Fight For?’ in their own words.


Rising stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton command the screen as two estranged brothers facing the fight of a lifetime­ in Lionsgate’s WARRIOR, a moving, inspirational action drama from acclaimed director Gavin O’Connor (Miracle).

Haunted by a tragic past, Marine Tommy Conlon (Hardy) returns home for the first time in fourteen years to enlist the help of his father (Nick Nolte) to train for Sparta, the biggest winner-takes-all event in mixed martial arts history. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path toward the championship while his brother, Brendan (Edgerton), an ex-fighter-turned teacher, returns to the ring in a desperate bid to save his family from financial ruin.  But when Brendan’s unlikely, underdog rise sets him on a collision course with the unstoppable Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront each other and the forces that pulled them apart, facing off in the most soaring, soul stirring, and unforgettable climax that must be seen to be believed.

A rousing ode to redemption, reconciliation and the power of the human spirit, WARRIOR is also a moving testament to the enduring bonds of family.   WARRIOR stars Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom, Star Wars: Episode III), Tom Hardy (the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Black Hawk Down), Jennifer Morrison (“House”, Star Trek) and Nick Nolte (Tropic Thunder, The Thin Red Line).  The film is directed by Gavin O’Connor; screenplay by Gavin O’Connor & Anthony Tambakis & Cliff Dorman and story by Gavin O’Connor & Cliff Dorfman. Lionsgate and Mimran Schur Pictures present a Lionsgate / Mimran Schur Pictures production. A Solaris Entertainment and Filmtribe production.  Additional information about WARRIOR can be found at or


To view movie trailers, buy movie tickets and see showtimes at AMC Theatres, visit: