By: Michael Alvarez



The “Warrior” is not your run of the mill Action “Shoot’em Up”  “Bam Bam” and “Blow Up Every Building in Sight” Summer Film.  In fact the Director (Gavin O’Connor) does an incredible job in interlacing a dysfunctional family drama with eye popping Mixed Martial Arts sequences.  For a Martial Arts film it is also refreshing to know that no one is avenging their Father’s or Brother’s death.

This is how the “Warrior” is being promoted.

Haunted by a tragic past, Marine Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy; the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Black Hawk Down) addicted to Pain Killers and Alcohol returns home for the first time in fourteen years to enlist the help of his father (Nick Nolte) en ex-alcoholic(Clean 3Yrs) to train for Sparta, the biggest winner-takes-all event in mixed martial arts history. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path toward the championship while his brother, Brendan (Joel Edgerton; Animal Kingdom, Star Wars: Episodes II & III), an ex-UFC fighter now a High School Teacher (Physics), returns to the ring in a desperate bid to save his family from financial ruin.  But when Brendan’s unlikely, underdog rise sets him on a collision course with the unstoppable Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront each other and the forces that pulled them apart, with the risk of facing off in the most soaring, soul stirring, and unforgettable climax that must be seen to be believed.

The Story centers around Two Brothers Tommy and Brendan Conlon who have not seen each other for fourteen years and under separate unrelated circumstances join the Sparta Tournament (The Super bowl of Martial Arts) making the winner a Millionaire.  It is made obvious from the very beginning that Tommy (Hardy) a Greco-Roman Wrestling Prodigy is a Beast in the Ring with no mercy for his opponents in the tradition of the “Cobra Khans”  from “Karate Kid”, in the other hand Brendan (Edgerton) is portrayed as an underdog who has to prove himself as a fighter to both his family and ex-trainer.  Besides MMA fighting the one other thing the brothers have in common is the mutual anger towards Paddy Conlon (Nolte) their father who made their life as children unbearable.  Despite being angry with his father Tommy still seeks the help from Paddy the only person he feels can get him ready for the Sparta Tournament.

What makes “Warrior” stand out from the traditional motivational fight films such as “Rocky ” and, “Karate Kid” is the Director Gavin O’Connor.  The Director did an excellent job in making sure the viewer does not pick sides between Tommy and Brendan in the event of meeting in the Ring as opponents.  It is as if the Director assumed the Maternal figure in the film and nurtured the characters so that as a viewer you may understand and feel the pain they are going through.  Do not be surprised if Nick Nolte is nominated later this year for an award a Supporting Actor, he proves to be a master at his craft.

Please let’s not forget the Martial Arts scenes!  Not only are they fluid in motion but the touch of realism takes the film to another level.  It is the end of Summer which is when the majority of action films are released and “Warrior” is not lacking any in that department.  My belief has always been that a Great film has a combination of a Great Script, Great Acting and, Fantastic Camera Work.  In the case of “Warrior” not only does it have all three combinations it has a fourth in the form of Martial Arts.

Studio Info:

A rousing ode to redemption, reconciliation and the power of the human spirit.  The film is directed by Gavin O’Connor; screenplay by Gavin O’Connor & Anthony Tambakis & Cliff Dorman and story by Gavin O’Connor & Cliff Dorfman. Lionsgate and Mimran Schur Pictures present a Lionsgate / Mimran Schur Pictures production. A Solaris Entertainment and Filmtribe production.


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