The “Year Of A Million Moments”

Many of us have watched many amazing Movies through out of lifetime.  However we as an audience never really appreciate the work the Studio puts into a Production.
20th Century Fox who has been making great movies for over 75 years is rounding out a Nation wide City tour with Gift and Prizes reminding us of the fabulous work they have accomplished to Entertain us! 



A million reasons to remember the best Hollywood movies
By Julia Miranda
An ambitious promotion of Fox proposes to recall some of his best games throughout the year with launches thematic solidarity tour, competitions with valuable prizes and a raffle millionaire.

The campaign of Fox Home Entertainment, which began in February this year, allows us to reach out and connect with the film in a different way, while the study reviews the extensive catalog of movies with special releases on Blu-ray and DVD solidarity toured throughout the country with the donation of one million DVDs to organizations that will end with the draw of one million dollars from consumers in the promotion.

The “Year Of A Million Moments,” a million years now, aims to rediscover the most popular and successful titles from Fox through monthly releases grouped by themes, from romantic titles that came out in February, the month of love, to the scariest horror movies of October, the month of Halloween, to hilarious comedies were launched in March, and a selection of the best music last July. Movies can be viewed and purchased through the website

In addition to these releases, from July is underway nationwide tour “Great Moments, Great Causes” (great moments, great causes), a tour of 18 cities that began in Los Angeles and will end in New York, where each stop films are donated to various organizations, non-profit – have already delivered 450 000 DVDs – by Fox Gives, supportive arm of the company.
On the other hand, stops the public can represent scenes from your favorite movies on a specially equipped bus for that matter, green screen, and make-up rooms, wardrobe and styling. This original proposal allows, those who dare, play iconic scenes from classics like “Home Alone”, “Little Miss Sunshine” or “Die Hard“. The videos are uploaded to the page where you can sharing through social networks.
So far, the bus has visited San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlanta and, last week, Detroit. Soon the tour will pass through Minneapolis, Chicago and Washington.

In addition, those who buy the movies will have the opportunity to participate in the drawing for a million dollars with which will complete the campaign. All titles on DVD and Blu-ray come with special codes that can be entered in the website to add chances to win the grand prize. Added to this sweepstakes, give away every month awards over the page, where people can vote for their favorite film in a tournament that pits up to 16 titles each month to devote to a winner. For example, in October, the final was contested between “The Omen” and “Alien”.

A promotion that true film fans can not miss this year of a million memories gives us the opportunity not only to remember those films that made history and often move us for life, but also to make us a complete library with some of the classic Hollywood titles. And for one lucky consumer the chance to become a millionaire overnight, as if it were our own version of “Slumdog Millionaire” …


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